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This is a the size guide for most of the contents provided on the website

Canvas Prints and Acrylic Sheet Prints come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a guide to our standard canvas sizes and Clear Acrylic Sheet prints, sizes that are available and the proportions. H= High  WM

Find measurements in your preference weather;

  • You prefer inches or centimetres,
  • You prefer metric and imperial,
  • You prefer to use our handy size conversion tool.

If you have a wall space, alcove or area that requires a specific size that is not one of the standard sizes already provided and you required a precision fit, to achieve the desired outcome.

Please get in touch and we can make bespoke Canvas or Acrylic to fit your exact measurements.

Our Canvas and Acrylic sizes Formats.

SIZE NOTE: Our main measurement format is in inch therefore all product advised are futured in inch while the centimetre shown on product page along side the Inch are rounded up or down to the nearest whole number “cm”.

Example 1 (40×20”) will the displayed as (101x50cm) instead of (101.6×50.8cm)

Example 2(36×16”) will be displayed as (91X40cm) instead of (91.44×40.64cm)

Note: Sizes presented in CM are rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.

  • Acrylic Sizes
  • Square-Canvas
  • Landscape-Canvas
  • Panoramic-Canvas
  • Portrait-canvas
  • Modern Combo (Fixed)
Inches Centimeters (approx) Actual Centimetres
12×8” 30x20cm 30.48×20.32cm
18×12” 45x30cm 45.72×30.48cm
20×20” 50X50cm 50.80X50.80cm
24×16” 60x40cm 60.96×40.64cm
24×24” 60X60cm 60.96X60.96cm
36×20” 91x50cm 91.44×50.80cm
40X20” 101x50cm 101.60×50.80cm
42×42” 106x106cm 106.68×106.68cm
48X24” 121x60cm 121.92×60.96cm
48×36” 121x91cm 121.92×91.44cm
48×48” 121x121cm 121.92×121.92cm
50×24” 127x60cm 127×60.96cm
60×24” 152X60cm 152.40X60.96cm
70×50” 177x127cm 177.80x127cm
72×48” 182x121cm 182.88×121.92cm
Inches Centimeters (approx) Actual Centimetres
12 x 12″ 30x30cm 30.48×30.48cm
16 x 16″ 40x40cm 40.64×40.64cm
18 x 18″ 45x45cm 45.72×45.72cm
20 x 20″ 50x50cm 50.80×50.80cm
24 x 24″ 60x60cm 60.96×60.96cm
30 x 30″ 76x76cm 76.20×76.20cm
32 x 32″ 81x81cm 81.28×81.28cm
36 x 36″ 91x91cm 91.44×91.44cm
40x 40″ 101x101cm 101.60×101.60cm
42 x 42″ 106x106cm 106.68×106.68cm
48 x 48″ 121x121cm 121.92×121.92cm
Inches Centimeters (approx) Actual Centimetres
16 x 12 ” 40x30cm 40.64×30.48cm
24 x 16 ” 60x40cm 60.96×40.64cm
30 x 24 ” 76x60cm 76.20×60.96cm
36 x 24 ” 91x60cm 91.44×60.96cm
48 x 36 ” 121x91cm 121.92×91.44cm
72 x 48 ” 182x121cm 182.88×121.92cm
Inches Centimeters (approx) Actual Centimetres
30 x 12” 76x30cm 76.20×30.48cm
36 x 16” 91x40cm 91.44×40.64cm
40 x 20” 101x50cm 101.60×50.80cm
48 x 12” 121x30cm 121.92×30.48cm
48 x 16” 121x40cm 121.92×40.64cm
48 x 24” 121x60cm 121.92×60.96cm
50 x 36” 127x91cm 127×91.44cm
60 x 24” 152x60cm 152.40×60.96cm
50 x 24” 127x60cm 127×60.96cm
50 x 36” 127x91cm 127×91.44cm
72 x 12” 182x30cm 182.88×30.48cm
72 x 16” 182x40cm 182.88×40.64cm
72 x 24” 182x60cm 182.88×60.96cm
72 x 42” 182x106cm 182.88×106.68cm
72 x 48” 182x48cm 182.88×121.92cm
Inches Centimeters (approx) Actual Centimetres
12 x 16 ” 30x40cm 30.48×40.64cm
12 x 24 ”  30x60cm 30.48×60.96cm
12 x 30 ” 30x76cm 30.48×76.20cm
16 x 24 ” 40x60cm 40.64×60.96cm
16 x 30 ”  40x76cm 40.64×76.20cm
16 x 36 ”  40x91cm 40.64×91.44cm
24 x 30 ”  60x76cm 60.40×76.20cm
24 x 36 ” 60x91cm 60.40×91.44cm
24 x 48 ”  60x121cm 60.40×121.92cm
30 x 36 ”  76x91cm 76.20×91.44cm
30 x 72 ” 76x121cm 76.20×121.92cm
36 x 48 ”  91x121cm 91.44×121.92cm
36 x 72 ” 91x182cm 91.44×182.88cm
48 x 72 “ 121x182cm 121.92×182.88cm
Inches Centimeters (approx) Actual Centimetres
MEDIUM:  8x24inch(x3) 20X60cm(x3) 20.32X60.40cm(x3)
LARGE:  12x36inch(x3) 30x91cm(x3) 30.48×91.44cm(x3)
XLARGE:  18x48inch(x3) 45x121cm(x3) 45.74×121.92cm(x3)
Inches Centimeters (approx) Actual Centimetres
MEDIUM:  8x12inch(x2)






LARGE:  12x16inch(x2)


30X40cm(x2)  30x60cm(x2) 30.48X40.64cm(x2)


X-LARGE:  16x24inch(x2)


40X60cm(x2)  40x81cm(x2) 40.64X60.96cm(x2)


Inches Centimeters (approx) Actual Centimetres
MEDIUM:  8x12inch(x2)


20X30cm(x2)      20x40cm(x2)      20x50cm(x1) 20.32X30.48cm(x2) 20.32×40.64cm(x2) 20.32×50.80cm(x1)
LARGE: 12x16inch(x2)


30X40cm(x2)      30x60cm(x2)        30x81cm(x1) 30.48X40.64cm(x2)  30.48×60.40cm(x2)    30.48×81.28cm(x1)
XLARGE: 16x24inch(x2)


40X60cm(x2)    40x81cm(x2)      40x101cm(x1) 40.64X60.96cm(x2) 40.64×81.28cm(x2)   40.64×101.60cm(x1)
Combo Name Inches
Silver Canvas Combo 27 x 24 inches including space.
Ruby Canvas Combo 27 x 24 inches including space.
Emerald Canvas Combo 27 x 24 inches including space.
Diamond Canvas Combo 27 x 24 inches including space.
Gold Canvas Combo 27 x 24 inches including space.

A Visual Guide To Canvas and Acrylic Print Sizes

It can be difficult to judge the size of a Canvas or Acrylic artwork from a small computer image.

That’s why we have put together a series of images to help you to visualise canvas or acrylic sizes in common interior settings helping you to visualise the scale.

Thing To Consider When Choosing A Canvas and Acrylic Print Size

Is the artwork going to be hung in a specific place: Above a Sofa, Bed or Piece of furniture

Do you want to make a statement with the artwork and require a significant scale?

What are the sizes of other artworks in the room? Are you likely to want to move that artwork at any time in the future?

Here is a handy tip if you are not sure about sizes and how they will look. Cut out a large sheet of either newspaper, cardboard, carton or wall paper and Bluetack to the wall, desire artwork area. This will help you gauge how the finished canvas will measured up.