Canvas & Acrylic details

Canvas Material details

Our matt, cotton blend inkjet canvas is bright white and coated with an instant dry surface giving an excellent colour gamut for digital photo and fine art reproductions. This highly flexible polycotton canvas gives excellent crack resistance for mounting and has a even texture for mass production.

  • Premium and Economic styles available
  •  Good strength, flexibility
  • Max. Width: 3.2m
  •  Perfect printing ability,suitable for digital printing
  •  Good smoothness
  • Best color fastness

  • High quality 280g or 300g sqm cotton and fibre canvas fabric
  • The best quality canvas for texture and sublime finish
  • High stretching resistance and Warp Resistant canvas
  • Smooth surface glossy, colourful after absorbing ink
  • Fade, Tear, Water, Scratch and Damage Resistant Canvas
  • Frame made of real wood, kiln-dried pine wood to a moisture content of 8% or less.
  • Frame Profile 1: 18mm(thick/Depth), 40mm(wide)
  • Frame Profile 2: 38mm(thick/Depth), 35mm(wide)
  • Frames are finger jointed to avoid warp or twist for longer bars.
  • Incl. Cross Braces stretcher bars for frames
  • Frame Comes with Free wedges
  • Rounded back edge designed
  • No ghost impressions on the canvas
  • incl. pre-assembled group suspension
  • incl. wall bracket and mounting material
  • incl. felt wall protector



  • Reflection-free
  • smudge-proof
  • Stable
  • Adjustable stretcher bar
  • Immediately ready to hang
  • Just Unwrap and Hang right out of the box


  • Brilliant and stunning colour reproduction
  • Printed with Double Ricoh Gen5 Printheads
  • Light and UV resistant
  • UK Certified inks, ECO-Friendly& High Resolution
  • Sunlight resistant, No fading
  • Odour-free, Solvent-free and Acid Free


  • All of our artwork comes gallery wrapped
  • The image is stretched around the side
  • Stapled to the back of the wooden frame
  • Hand Covered “MADE TO ORDER” assembled in-house
  • Quality-assured with carefully sourced materials
  • Proudly Made in the UK
• Acrylic printing is a beautiful and stylish way to display your favourite pictures.
• Acrylic printing brings your images to life with brilliant colours and dark blacks.
• Clear acrylic is a much better and safer choice than print on a glass or mirror and they do not break.
• The acrylic substrate is offered in two different thickness options to suit your taste (1/8” and ¼”) or (3mm and 4mm).
• The ¼ (3mm) acrylic is a very common and affordable substrate to use, they are lightweight and easy to install.
• For 3D effect, HD print quality, we highly recommend using standoffs polished chrome finished; Self-Adhesive Dibond Plate hangers or Back mount Floating Hanger to mount your print against a wall.
• You choose what is best for your needs. Need help to decide? we are just a phone call or email away.
• Free shipping for orders over £50 throughout the UK
• High quality cotton & fibre Canvas material 280sqm or 300sqm
• Stretcher bars, kiln-dried pine wood with moisture content of 8% or less
• Wooden frames, hand-covered, with rounded edges
• Frame Profile 1&2: 18mm(thick), 38mm(wide) OR 38mm(thick), 35mm(wide)
• Stable and scratch-resistant linen structure
• UV-resistant professional direct printing
• Incl. wall bracket and mounting material
• Easily wipe smudge
• Proudly Made in the UK
• Free shipping for orders over £50 throughout the UK
• Clear Acrylic Sheet, Thickness3mm or 4mm.
• Slightly rounded edges, strong High impact strength and lightweight shatter-resistant
• Wall MountOptions 1:4 Premium polished silverAluminium Stand off
• Wall MountOptions 2: Self-Adhesive Dibondbackside Platehangers
• Wall Mount Options3:Back Mount Wood Floating Hanger
• Clear Acrylic Sheet, Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• UV-resistant professional direct printing& back side printing
• Moist wipeable with usual cleaners
• Acrylic fire rating: BS476 Part 7: Class 3.
• Proudly Made in the UK

  • High Quality Clear Acrylic Sheet
  •  Thickness3mm or 4mm, or (1/8” and ¼”)
  • Higher impact strength andstrong lightweight shatter-resistant
  • Transmits up to 92% of visible light (acrylic is more transparent than glass)
  • Slightly rounded edges
  • Wall Mount Options 1-AluminiumStand off, 4 Premium polished silver (16*30mm or 19*30mm) Posts on each corner
  • Wall Mount Options 2: Self-Adhesive Dibondbackside Platehangers “Incl. Hook Wall Set”
  • Wall Mount Options 3:Back Mount Wood Floating Hangerpressure bonded via an acrylic adhesive
  • Incl. PVC wall buffers. 16 mm self-adhesive, white


  • Wet wipe, also with glass cleaner
  • Moisture and Scratch-resistant
  • Moist wipeable with usual cleaners
  • Safe hold thanks to enclosed wall hooks
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Particularly durable acrylic sheets carry UV filters and guarantees against discolouration
  • Acrylic fire rating: BS476 Part 7: Class 3.

  • Fine-Art Print Gallery Quality with enchanting depth effect
  • Brilliant UV direct printing on the rear creating a stunning colour reproduction
  • Printed with Double Ricoh Gen5 Printheads
  • Very high colour brilliance due to several overprints
  • UK Certified UV ink, ECO-Friendly& High Resolution
  • Sunlight resistant, No fading
  • Odour-free and Solvent-free


  • Our state-of-the-art printing techniques ensure rich colour combinations and pin-sharp resolution
  • Ready to hang with hanging hardware on the back
  • ie. Aluminium stand off metal pieces
  • Safely packed with corner edge protection
  • Printed on Crystal-clear acrylic sheet with Gleaming finish and fascinating depth
  • Quality-assured with carefully sourced materials.
  • Professionally Handmade with Care!
  • Proudly Made in the UK.

  • TIFF, JPEG, PDF,  PSD, PNG and ZIP files.
  • We encourage files which are a minimum of 300dpi.
  • Image equivalent in pixels to the size of your desired Canvas or Acrylic size, for example, 3m will require at least 3000 pixels.
  • Images were taken with a modern digital camera.
  • Smartphone images we encourage the camera set to the highestpixels setting.
  • Problem uploading your photo or your file,You can skip the upload, select all other options then, click checkout and we will get in touch to get your image.


  • Bring a contemporary look, to your home, your office or any other space you want to “decorate or Transform”.
  • Brilliant colours and enchanting depth effect.
  • Printed on the rear/back of Crystal-clear acrylic Sheet.
  • Gleaming finish for a contemporary look.
  • Seeing your photo on an Acrylic Print creates a truly magical effect with luminous colours and fascinating depth.



  • Printed using high quality, luminous colours creating fascinating depth
  • 3mm OR 4mm thickCrystal-clear acrylic sheet.
  • The hanging system included options for x4 Aluminium standoff pieces

Our acrylic prints are made by experts and are of the highest quality. Printed using professional Brilliant UV inks technology, acrylic lifts your image to a new dimension and gives it both a depth effect and a fine art quality you can’t get any other way.
You can choose between our regular finishor varnish finish, all of our acrylic photo prints are the perfect answer to brighten up any bare wall or to give as a special gift. All wall-mounted acrylic pictures come ready to hang– no hassle required!


  • Instant dry & water proof surface
  • No edge cracking & Seedless
  • Natural white for excellent vibrant colours
  • Compatible with HP, printer and so on
  • Compatible with dye & pigment inks
  • 280gsm and 300gsm for neat corners & tight stretching
  • Stretchable for Framing
  • Heavyweight Quality
  • Outstanding Color Gamut and Resolution
  • OEM packing available
  • Sample rolls available
  • Commercial/residential decoration
  • Art printing ( wedding picture, portrait, Photographic, art studio)
  • Archaize painting art
  • Oil painting reproduction

Acrylic Sheet details

Canvas-Edge Designs

Photo Wrap- A popular option that our canvas stretching team offers is to gallery-wrap or Photo Wrap your canvas – meaning – part of the image edge wraps completely around the sides, giving you a final result of sophistication, detail and artisan quality. The margins of your image will appear on the frame sides, so ensure that crucial details of your photo don’t appear too close to the edge.

Mirrored Wrap :  Your photo is printed in its full glory on the front side of the canvas. The border of your photo is then copied, inverted and reproduced on the sides of the frame, creating a mirror-image effect. Your photo appears in full on the front side only of the canvas print. The canvas on the sides of the frame is printed with a strip of any of the colour options provided,  that serves to highlight and intensify your image, creating a  striking pop of contrast, on the edges of the canvas.

Canvas-Edge Designs_ photo WRAP (4)
Canvas-Edge Designs_ photo WRAP (2)
Canvas-Edge Designs_ photo WRAP (3)
stretched canvas (2)
stretched canvas (1)
Canvas Frame (5)

Canvas Frame

Choose from two selections of stretcher bars frames to suit your canvas size. Stretcher bars are available in standard 18mm and 38mm sizes.

  • Pine Standard 18mm Stretcher Bar
  • Pine Gallery 38mm Stretcher Bar

Both our gallery stretcher bars and standard stretcher bars are made from first quality, kiln-dried pine wood. Rounded back edge designed to ensure that there will be no ghost impressions on the canvas, and also helps prevent canvas cracking. Our stretchers do not require glue for assembly. Instead they incorporate mortise, tenon joints and wedge keys, allowing the stretcher bar to be adjustable.The standard wooden frame is a slim and elegant

Profile: 18mm(thick), 40mm(wide) with rounded edges.
Profile: 38mm(thick), 35mm(wide) with rounded edges.

  • Kiln dried to a moisture content of 8% or less.
  • Finger joint to avoid warp or twist for longer bars.
  • Comes with Free wedges.

Our stretcher barsframes, are Non-toxic, odorless, safe and reliable bars.Made of high quality pine, high in strength, not easily deformed, it maintains its wood color and its original pine scent after manual treatment.

Canvas Frame (4)
Canvas Frame (2)
Canvas Frame 18mm
Canvas Frame (1)
Canvas Frame 38mm
Canvas Frame (3)
Canvas Frame (5).jpeg

Hanger Set & Wall-Mount

We offer two selections of stand off and screw covers to mount our clear Acrylic sheets prints, our premium Polished Silver Stainless Steel Stand off are available in standard 16*30mm and 19*30mm sizes, four of either will be include at our discretions based on the size and area square meter of the Acrylic prints purchased.

  • Profile: Stand off, 16mm(Diameter) *30mm(Length including cap)
  • Profile: Stand off, 19mm(Diameter) *30mm(Length including cap)

 Stand off are to be posted one each, on the four corners of the acrylic prints in the pre drilled hole.

Stand off fixings are made form high quality anti-oxidized stainless steel and manufactured from marine grade material and are specifically designed for both indoor and exterior applications, such as fixing acrylic, glass, aluminium panel and alike.

All our panel fixings simply clamp our acrylic panels between two metal components (the cap and the base), the length of the base give 25MM stand off distance against the wall and the cap can be screwed in to clamp the acrylic/glass panel in between.

Acrylic Back Mount Frame 

We offer two selections of recessed mounts for our acrylic prints, Natural Wood Floating Hanger  and Silver Aluminium Floating Hanger. The  Acrylic sheet prints are pressure bonded via an acrylic adhesive to your choice of backing: The hanging system can either be wood or aluminium, both of these options will make it look as if your metal print is coming off of the wall.

  • Natural Wood Floating Hanger
  • Silver Aluminium Floating Hanger

We use a natural aluminium mount that pairs really well and sustainable natural birch wood  strong and gives your print an elegant look. The frame is 3/4” deep which makes your image appears to be floating away from the wall when hung.

We offer self-adhesive DiBond Multihaak is a suspension system specially developed for flat plates such as Mirrors, Perspex, DiBond, Forex, Trespa, Triplex and (acrylic) plates.

The most beautiful memories recorded on acrylic or dibond deserve a nice spot on the wall in your home or office.Dibond Multihaak set is easy to mount self-adhesive and is a safe and almost invisible system by using perlon cords.

The DiBond Multihaak Hook Wall Set includes:

  • 2 selfadhesive Multi hooks of 100 x 100mm
  • 2 Z-shaped wall hooks,
  • 2 screws,
  • 2 wall plugs,
  • 4 transparant selfadhesive PVC spacers 7,5 mm.
  • Hanger – 100mm (H), 100mm (W), 2.5mm (D)
  • cut-out – 4.5mm (D), 34mm (W)
  • capacity – 4kg

Unframed Canvas & Canvas Roll(Frame+canvas)


 Canvas Stretching: this is not as easy as you may think. It takes great technique and knowledge to stretch a canvas painting the right way. When you have a piece of artwork on canvas, you will need to have it stretched onto wooden stretcher bars before framing. This is another one of our specialties. Not all canvas stretches the same! Some canvases need some extra stretching for them to remain tight. Otherwise, after a short time, the canvas relaxes and becomes wavy. There is actually an art to stretching canvas.

  • stretched canvas is canvas that has been stretched over wood frame (stretcher bars) ready for display.
  • Unstretched, also known as rolled canvas, is simply the print sans “without the stretcher bars.
  • Our Unstretched canvas & Frame (Frame+canvas) comprises of Canvas roll and the frame plus some fitting required to stretched the canvas

(This product is mainly reserved to make postage easy and cost effective for large items)

Modern Combo

==COMING SOON==Our photo canvas prints give you superior performance across the board – the latest technologies for superb digital printing and traditional woodwork expertise for a truly robust structure. Printed with special UV-resistant inks to stop the original colours dissolving over time, your photo canvas will glow with the warmest shades and dazzle with the sharpest contrasts.

===COMING SOON==Every canvas manufactured at our facilities is specially prepared to be used for industrial printing. This is done to ensure flawless image quality, as each canvas is specially matched with our HP Latex Inks for the best possible results. The best thing about the whole process? There are no solvents in sight. That means our canvas prints are perfectly safe for children and for allergy sufferers!

==COMING SOON==Every canvas photo print is ready for dispatch within 24 hours of purchase. Thanks to our super-efficient manufacturing practices, your new wall decoration will be produced in the blink of an eye – with no compromise on quality. What’s more, the finished product will be delivered in an insured package, specially designed to keep your precious canvas safe in transit.

==COMING SOON==Your canvas photo prints are completely ready to grace your walls as soon as they arrive. Each canvas print comes hand-stretched over a premium spruce-wood stretcher frame and securely attached at the back. Our sturdy but lightweight frames are the result of our years of hand-crafting experience – ensuring convenience and years of enjoyment for the customer.

==COMING SOON==All our photo canvas prints come with a spruce wood stretcher frame that provides robust support to your image. You can upgrade your print by adding an outer Premium Frame, which leaves a gap around the edges of your canvas to achieve a beautiful “floating” effect.